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A new Sound Dimension on your Headphones



3D Audio on your own Headphones

3D Audio on new Soundbar & Home theatre system Generation

A new movie and music experience

Cinema Sound on your Headphones.

Be a part of your favourite Music – compatible with all (mobile) devices

Compatible with all Streaming Services


Did you ever think, sound could be more emotional, more realistic as in standard stereo?

Then, you are at the right place because we think that too. Surround sound in 5.1 and 7.1 was the first step into the right direction. But finally, immersive / 3D audio is the goal. It enhances the emotional sound experience of music, movies, games as well as broadcasted live events fundamentally.

And everybody can enjoy it with regular headphones, the new generation of sound bars, home theatre system and of course finally in the cinema.

So, please feel very welcome to explore all the fascinating demos, reports of extraordinary productions from the Epicworks sound engineers and the ever-growing MAGAZINE of the audio evolution site.

Production Services

Your Story in a new Dimension

Audiovisual Commercials & Presentations.

From 5.1. / 7.1 Mixes to HS3D for Streaming ServiceEvents / KeynotesAugmented Reality (AR) Applications, Theme Park Attractions